Junior Resident Fellows 2018 in front of Center for Khmer Studies in Siem Reap

This program is an amazing opportunity: more than a simple study program, it’s a combination of many new experiments and discovery. I pursued my first research project, made new contacts in my domain of work and learned a lot about the everyday life of the Cambodian people. I particularly enjoyed the many nationalities of the fellows of this trip.

I’ve learned a lot about myself through this program and it has changed my perspectives about my career. I tended to exclude a research career in my future, thinking it was a lonely process. However, I’ve discovered research has a human and social side that I’d never thought of. As the youngest fellow, I’m very thankful for this opportunity, which will have, for sure, an impact in my academic plans.
Lisa Fidon, Junior Fellow 2018

What I like most about the program is that it gives you the unique experience of being fully enveloped in the same field that you are studying. So many times in schools and universities the subject matter that you’re learning about is so far removed from your life. This program actually forces you to be submerged in the Cambodian culture during the entirety of the program, which provides such a unique experience.  I feel that this program will definitely give me an advantage in the job market, due to the hands-on experience that [it] provides.
Jordan DesRosiers, Junior Fellow 2018

[What] I love about this program is the opportunity to meet and work with the foreign fellows because we have totally different backgrounds. I wish the program were longer. I have had a great impression of the CKS staff who have been supporting me since my first day in Siem Reap and in Phnom Penh. They have not only played a role as advisors, but as brothers and sisters taking care of us in time of emergency needs. This program has helped me to understand more about Cambodian culture. My research is a new gateway for me to what I have to do in the future.
Maland Khim, Junior Fellow 2018

I found out about the program three years ago and I had always wanted to be a part of it. I’m doing research on a topic I love. One of the things that I love most about the program is its support and facilities provided to assist in learning and doing research. I think CKS one of the most important research institutions in Cambodia and its library contains important books and documents. The environment in Siem Reap is peaceful and amazing.
I’m currently a journalist student and I’m planning to work in international media sectors. This program has provided strong background knowledge for my academic journey.
Soramee Nhov, Junior Fellow 2018

I have enjoyed conversations with other Fellows whose academic and personal backgrounds vary greatly. My roommate, who studies history of art in Paris, introduced me to new and fascinating concepts about Western Art, which, coincidentally, related to one of the assigned readings for class. Every interaction has the ability to move from the most banal things to a lesson in American life, French cuisine or Khmer words.
I have also loved the immersive nature of the program. Though I live in Phnom Penh, I stay at the hotel with the other Fellows and spend almost all my waking hours with them. I get to see my own city through the eyes of a stranger.
The CKS library is mind-blowing. My senses go into complete overdrive every time I step into the back library. It still amazes me that as soon as I step into the Center, the hustle and bustle of the outside world just melts away. It really allows me to focus on my work or just sit and think.
Priyanith Keo, Junior Fellow 2018