Khmer Language and Culture Study Program
Summer in Cambodia

Program Date: June 10- August 2, 2019

Application deadline: 29 March, 2019

The CKS Khmer Language and Culture Study Program (KLCP) provides an opportunity for faculty, post-graduate researchers and undergraduates from U.S. universities to participate in an intensive eight-week study abroad program, from June 10- August 2, 2019, in Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap Cambodia. This program is administered in collaboration with the University of Hawai’i, Mānoa. The program is designed for those who wish to develop Khmer language skills and understanding of contemporary Cambodian society for academic and professional purposes, but who have not completed two years of formal language training. Beginners are welcome to apply. The program is intended to complement Hawai’i’s Advanced Study in Khmer (ASK) program and is structured along similar lines.

About the Program

KLCP Student participating in silver engraving

There is a demand among academic researchers for appropriate high quality in-country immersive Khmer language training. However, not all have completed the two years of academic training in Khmer required for Advance Study in Khmer (ASK). The CKS Khmer Language and Culture Study Program aims to meet that demand and provide the opportunity for those with less Khmer language experience to benefit from study in-country. Like their ASK counterparts, participants in the CKS program will receive four hours of intensive language training during morning sessions. In the afternoon, they will take part, alongside the ASK program participants, in fieldtrips and other cultural activities, including visits to local governmental and non-governmental institutions, where their language skills can be used in real-time situations.

[For information about the ASK program, please click on this link (]

Program Goals

The program goals reflect CKS’s broader agenda of promoting research and international scholarly exchange through programs that increase understanding of Cambodia and its region:

To provide in-country language training for students interested in Cambodia and Khmer Studies.
To enable faculty, post-graduate researchers, and undergraduates to advance their level of Khmer language skills in preparation for fieldwork and study in Cambodia,
To promote cooperation and educational exchange among individuals, institutions and Cambodia.

Program Instruction

To ensure the quality of the program, the group will restrict to 8 individuals. Instruction is given by trained Cambodian instructors and linguists and follows the ASK curriculum at the appropriate level for the group.


Generally, an applicant may be among the following:
Students and researchers working or studying in social sciences, humanities, foreign languages, and area studies. *
A faculty member at a U.S. University, or a U.S. citizen working at a foreign University.
A graduate student, or junior or senior at a university, who is a prospective teacher in the areas afore-mentioned.
A graduate student, or junior or senior in an institution of higher learning, who plans to apply his/her language skills and knowledge of countries vital to the United States’ national security in fields other than teaching, including government, the professions, or international development.
A teacher in an elementary or secondary school, or an experienced education administrator responsible for planning, conducting or supervising programs in modern foreign languages or area studies at the elementary, secondary, or post-secondary level.
Citizens, nationals, or permanent residents of the United States may benefit from specific subsidies.
Who is not eligible?
An individual who has participated in either the US/ED Group Project, Advanced Program or Seminar Abroad Program in the past three years (2015-2017); or
An individual who has had two awards with either the US/ED Group Projects Abroad Program or Seminars Abroad Program, unless the award was received 10 years ago.
An individual who is currently unemployed.
An individual who is an educated native or near-educated native speaker.
*Area studies means a program of comprehensive study of the aspects of a society or societies including the study of geography, history, culture, economy, politics, international relations, languages.

Tuition and Administrative Costs

CKS will cover the costs of tuition, administration, and local travel on field visits for participants. Participants are responsible for their international travel and living expenses including accommodations and food during the program.

For more details, please contact with the title : “Inquiry About KLCP 2019”; or Tel: (855) 063 964 385

How to Apply
For information about the program, including Study Abroad Scholarship resources available for US students, required documents, and FAQ’s, please download Khmer Language Program FAQs

You can download the Khmer Language Program Application Form here.

Please submit your completed application to with the subject/title : “Application for KLCP 2019”

If you do not have access to scanning or email, you may mail the completed application form and all required documents to:

Center for Khmer Studies
PO Box 9380
Wat Damnak
Siem Reap