CKS/ Leon Levy Foundation National Museum of Cambodia Database Project

Maitreya, Angkor Period

Now completed, the National Museum Collection Inventory Project has brought a revitalized sense of order to the Museum’s collection and personal confidence to trained Museum staff. It has greatly enhanced the Museum’s international exhibition and publications programs, identification and repatriation of missing works of art, links with re-established provincial collections and fostered both established and newly founded conservation workshops in stone, metal and ceramics. It has won international acclaim.

Most importantly, the location and condition of thousands of works of art in storage have been digitally catalogued, with works arranged in a logical and systematic way. Ongoing agendas include digital photography of every work, scanning of extant French inventory cards and cross- referencing the past and present catalogue systems.

Greatly improved trilingual labeling now offers visitors clear and accurate identification of some
2,000 works on display and provides a great resource for researchers wishing to access the collection. With over 17,000 items in its inventory, the National Museum acts as a repository of the extraordinary treasures of Cambodia’s past and none of this would have been possible without the generosity and continuous support of the Leon Levy Foundation.

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