Help the CKS Library

The CKS Library, in its continuous process of enriching and expanding its collection, has drawn up an acquisition list. These documents (books, thesis, journal articles, etc) are sometimes very hard to find, especially in Cambodia, while some of them are more recent publications that we are unable to purchase due to our limited budget. Acquisition priorities include:

  • Cambodian modern literature and – often unpublished – academic material in the vernacular language, before and after the Khmer Rouge period;
  • Western and Asian language books and documents relevant to the field of Khmer and Southeast Asian studies in history, archaeology, linguistics, anthropology, arts, religion, literature and political science;
  • Academic periodicals and reference materials in the social sciences, arts and humanities.

The CKS library would highly appreciate donations from this list, in order to ensure that a more robust collection on Khmer studies is made available to Cambodian and international scholars as well as the Cambodian public in general. Books may be most easily found by contacting the publisher, or in the case of some rare or scarce books,

Please send your donated books to:

Head Office or
Center for Khmer Studies PO Box 9380 Wat Damnak, Siem Reap, Cambodia Tel: (855) 063 964 385 Fax: (855) 063 963 035 Center for Khmer Studies 149 East 63rd St. New York, N.Y. 10065 USA Tel:(1) 212 980 6628


Download (wish-list-June-2019-update-1.pdf)