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Job Announcements

CKS Seeks qualified Instructor for its new Mid-Career Program: “Exploring conflict in the ASEAN region”

Program Overview
This program is intended for mid-career scholars, development professionals, and civil servants from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, who wish to improve their skills, to become critical thinkers, decision makers and future agents of change in the region, as well as to participate in a dynamic network of scholars and decision-makers in Southeast Asia.

Under the guidance of the Senior Instructor, 15 participants will engage in theoretical and empirical analysis of cross-border issues relating to explicit issues of conflict within the ASEAN region. The program will entail two intensive one-week sessions, in August and November 2015, comprising coursework, seminar discussions, group exercises, applied skills training and individual research. Between those sessions, participants will work in their home countries on a chosen research project. The first week will take place in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the second in Bangkok.

Instructor’s Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the CKS Executive Director and in close collaboration with CKS

1) Develop a detailed two-week academic course syllabus for the CKS Regional Program on conflict and cross-border issues in relation to Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

2) Teach a two-week academic course totaling 96 hours. The Instructor will examine major history and concept of borders and discuss current problems and challenges associated with border conflicts in the five selected ASEAN countries in particular.

3) Select guest speakers for lectures and presentations in the course of Week 1 and Week 2.

4) Help organize and schedule training in research skills and monitoring and evaluation.

5) Organize a fieldtrip in Thailand.

6) Advise the program participants on their research projects during scheduled group and individual supervision. Schedule proposed research project presentations by the participants at the end of Week 1 and research findings in the course of Week 2.

7) Provide continual research support to and communication with the participants in the course of the interim period through the creation and maintenance of a program blog.

8) Evaluate and provide feedback on individual research projects. Evaluations must be submitted to CKS no later than two weeks after the full completion of the program.

9) Ensure that CKS Mid-Career Program participants complete and submit their research reports to the CKS office by the end of the program.

10) Be available for other program related activities.

11) Submit a final report including feedback as to how to improve the program so that it can better achieve its objectives in the future.
Qualifications and experience
1) A Doctorate Degree in political science or other relevant subject

2) Excellent understanding of the political, economic, social and environmental dynamics in Southeast Asia

3) Experience working in Southeast Asia and in a multi-cultural setting

4) Demonstrated teaching, supervision and research skills

5) Editing and publishing skills

6) Ability to plan, develop and implement a syllabus

7) Proficiency in English both in writing and speaking. Proficiency in other Southeast Asian languages (Khmer, Burmese, Lao, Thai and Vietnamese) is an asset.

8) Competence in internet skills (i.e. blog maintenance).
Interested Candidates should send a CV and cover letter outlining their interest in the program by e-mail to Dr. Krisna Uk, CKS Executive Director, at by December 31, 2014.