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Latest News
CALL FOR PAPERS: The sixth International Conference on Austroasiatic Linguistics 2015 ICAAL 2015, Website: www.icaal.org Theme: “Exploring the diversity of Austroasiatic Languages” 22-24 July 2015 Siem ... Read more
Download Khmer Language Books: The 50 digital books were produced under the direction of Dr. Pascal Bourdeaux by a project organized by the Center for Khmer Studies in 2006-2007. This project was ... Read more
CKS welcomes the U.S Embassy Deputy Chief: CKS welcomes the U.S Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission and Political Officer in Siem Reap. Read the US Ambassador's blog ... Read more
New Siksacakr Release: No 12-13 Cambodia: Colonial Encounters The new publication of our double English/ French volume of Siksācakr, Journal of Cambodia Research focusing on Colonialism marks ... Read more
Fellowship Program

CKS Fellowships CKS provides fellowships for students and scholars in order to promote research and cross-national scholarly exchange among the international community of scholars and their Cambodian ... Read more

Public Lecture Program

Public Lecture Series Resources Urban Brokers of Rural Cuisine: Food Literacy at Cambodian Soup-Pot Restaurants Abstract: Unlike restaurants that prepare food on-demand, pre-prepared food venues ... Read more

Regional Program

Regional Program The Center for Khmer Studies Mid-Career Program Exploring Conflict in the ASEAN region With the support of the Ford Foundation Year 1/2015: Cross-Border Political Conflicts Week 1 (9-16 ... Read more


PUBLICATIONS The Center for Khmer Studies is deeply committed to the development of the higher education sector in Cambodia and sees the publication and dissemination of academic and ... Read more