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In Memoriam

Vann Molyvann (1926-2017).

On Thursday, September 28, 2017, His Excellency Vann Molyvann, whose vision helped create post-colonial Cambodia as a nation, died after a prolonged illness. He was 90 years old. His family has lost a loving patriarch. The world of arts, architecture, and urban planning has lost a true master. And the Cambodian people have lost a vivid symbol of independence, modernity, and aesthetic grace and beauty.

Vann Molyvann was born in Ream, Kampot in 1926. At the age of twenty he went to study law in Paris, but quickly found his true calling as an architect and urban planner.

The Sangkum era (1953-1970), despite tensions that would eventually break the country apart, was seen by many as a golden age for Cambodia. The deep sense of national renewal associated with its newly-acquired independence forged a socio-political experiment the imagination of which was perfectly captured in the architecture and urban planning under Vann Molyvann's direction as Norodom Sihanouk's Head of Public Works and State Architect. The reshaping of Phnom Penh's streets; the construction of public works and private housing projects (such as the White Buildings, influenced in part by Le Corbusier); and the design of key iconic buildings in the capitol (the Chaktomuk Conference Hall, the Council of Ministers, the RUPP Institute of Foreign Languages, the Olympic Stadium, and, of course, the Independence Monument) and throughout the country (including the construction of cities like Sihanoukville and Kirirom) all point to a seamless marriage of midcentury style with traditional conventions. Vann Molyvann's work is simultaneously beautiful and functional, Western and Cambodian, of its time and yet timeless. His art was imbued with the self-confidence and optimism of the time.

When Sihanouk went into exile, Vann Molyvann did as well, living for a time in Switzerland before returning to Cambodia in 1991, after which he founded and was the First President of the APSARA Authority. In recent years, much of his tangible legacy has come under threat by the imperatives of urbanization, population growth, and pressure from domestic and foreign real estate developers.

All of us at CKS send our condolences to the Vann family and celebrate the work and the ideas of one of Cambodia's true national treasures.


The Center for Khmer Studies’ (CKS) mission is to support research and teaching in the social sciences, arts, and humanities as they relate to Cambodia. Since our founding in 1998, CKS has aimed to foster understanding of Cambodia and the Mekong region by:
  • Supporting research on Cambodia and promoting scholarly exchange;
  • Strengthening advanced scholarship in Cambodia;
  • Integrating Cambodian scholars into regional and global scholarly and professional communities and networks;
  • Expanding and deepening advanced scholarship on Cambodia at US institutions.
We think of ourselves as a bridge, as a crossroads: a real center for institutions, scholars, students, and the general public to meet and interact, through a series of programs and initiatives, including:
  • The CKS Library: provides the largest public library outside the capital, Phnom Penh, with over 20,000 monographs, books and journals, and with publicly accessible computers.
  • Fellowships: support the research and education of junior and senior scholars from Cambodia and overseas.
  • Research and Training Programs: enable the training of young Cambodian scholars and the integration of their Cambodia-grounded research with Cambodian and overseas universities.
  • Publishing and Translation Program: produces original scholarly manuscripts and translates foundational social science and historical texts into the Khmer language.
  • Conferences/Events: present local and international, inter-disciplinary workshops, conferences, and lectures in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to establish professional partnerships between Cambodian and international scholars.
CKS’s educational programs are run from our headquarters in Siem Reap and from our office in Phnom Penh. We encourage you to visit us and to learn more about what we do!

CKS is a non-governmental institution supported by international foundations, educational institutions, scholars, the US government, and interested individuals. CKS is registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cambodia. CKS is also a member institution of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers and is in this capacity the sole American Overseas Research Center in mainland Southeast Asia.